Love your Mac, iPhone, iPad?

The feeling's mutual



In safe hands

I started Rare I.T back in 1998 as an Adelaide-based business keenly focused on supporting customers using Apple products in business, and at home.

I love what I do and immerse myself in the minutia of the world of Apple products keeping up to date with the latest technologies, techniques and tactics so that you don't have to.

Your place or… yours

Wherever you are in or around Adelaide and beyond you can have the expertise you want.

I come to you and help you get your digital life in order where it's most convenient - at your place.

Remote assistance via the Internet is always an option and can get you out of a pickle quickly.

While I love Apple tech I also play well with tech and techies from other platforms.

Small is beautiful

The great thing about being the operator of my own business is that you get my full attention - on every job.

I'm the guy you deal with from start to finish. You just don't get that sort of personalised attention with the larger businesses.



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